Thursday Linkage.

I can't wait for Saturday. After wandering over to UW Dawg Pound, I'm no longer hoping that the Beavers merely beat the Huskies. I want them to crush and humiliate the Huskies. The general feeling over there is that the Beavers simply aren't on the Husky-fan "radar" after five straight wins (not to mention six wins in the last eight meetings) and that we're still the lovable loser to their own (and I'm using their words here) "top notch program." Yeah, seriously. I find this surprising because all Husky fans I know do not feel this way about OSU.



"blah-blah-blah-Locker-blah-blah-Elite programs have winless seasons all the time-blah-blah-blah-purple is NOT a lame color for a football uniform-blah-blah-Sark-blah-wait until basketball season!"

Anyway, fun times. Here's some stuff from around the webs...

  • Miller also says Canfield v. UW Secondary is a key matchup this weekend.
  • Cool write up on some Beaver fans in the armed forces that are currently deployed but trying to keep up with Beaver football.
  • Gazette Times write up on OSU receiving corps. What a pleasant surprise this young unit has been.
  • Chicago point guard Ahmad Starks makes it official and signs with OSU. He's the 25th ranked PG in his class. I'll say if coach Robinson plans on leaving anytime soon, he'll be leaving the cupboard stocked for the next guy, that's for sure.
  • JOE HALAHUNI. If you can't tell, I'm really happy we've found a TE with his kind of abilities in the open field. Brady Camp is a great blocker, John Reese and Howard Croom are good combo guys but Halahuni is an explosive offensive weapon. Love to watch this kid play.
  • Bleacher Report asks if the Huskies can shake their road woes this weekend. I think/hope the answer is a resounding NO.
  • This ran yesterday, but Keaton Kristick talks about his last game at Reser. I think I speak for all of us when I say I'll miss seeing this kid take the field in black and orange. Good luck to all of the seniors in whatever is up next in life.
  • That's it for now. Post anything extra below and have a good finish tot he week. Beat the Huskies and GO BEAVERS!

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