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By the Numbers - Arizona

After the Arizona game let's take a look at some of the statistics that helped to define the game and season so far.

Rick Scuteri-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

  • 29 & 30: Brandin Cooks and Markus Wheaton's current ranks on the D-I NCAA leaderboards by yardage. The fact that OSU has two receivers in the top 30 nationally shows how well the passing game is doing for the Beavs. Not to mention that the Beavs lack one extra game to pad their stats. Only four Pac-12 receivers have more yardage than Cooks or Wheaton.
  • 64.4%: Mannion's completion percentage for the game. Mannion had a nice day throwing the ball, he just doesn't miss that often and if he did, it was usually just because there were no openings for the ball and he chose not to force the pass. Playing efficiently and producing big plays, Mannion is playing as well as any quarterback in the Pac-12 right now.
  • 161: Storm Woods' rushing total for the game. This was the highest rushing total since Malcolm Agnew in the Sac St. debacle. With the passing game currently in gear, if the run game continues to pick up the OSU offense will be extremely tough to stop.
  • 10: Number of OSU penalties. The last one doesn"t really count as it came after the final interception, but nine is still too many. Some cost a chance for the Beavs to gain a first down, some gave Arizona the first down, either way the Beavs cannot keep making quite so many mistakes.
  • 36:41: Time of possession for the Beavs. Ordinarily taking so much time would have worked have seemed like the Beavs had more control, but Arizona had a lot of explosive plays. Since so many Pac-12 are moving to spread offenses, the Beavs will still need to improve at stopping those spread attacks.
  • 7. Number of plays that gained 20+ yards for OSU. The Beavs are much better at explosive plays this year, thanks to many things, one of those being better pass protection. It has been much better and Mannion has been using that time to hit Cooks and Wheaton downfield for big gains. Storm Woods also has the ability to break big plays, the offensive capibilities of OSU have improved not only in the trenches, but also at the skill positions.
  • 20.5%: More accurately 8 out of 39 3rd down conversions for Beaver opponents. OSU does a pretty good job of killing drives when it forces 3rd downs, a lot of Arizona scoring drives did not have a lot of third downs to convert but still the Beavers have been closing out well.
  • 14. The Beavers' AP rank. Go Beavs!