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Oregon State Football Releases Week 1 Depth Chart

The first depth chart of the season is here!

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

See the first official depth chart below. Starters or co-starters in bold.



  1. Sam Noyer
  2. Tristian Gebbia
  3. Chance Nolan -OR-
  4. Sam Vidlak -OR-

Running Back

  1. BJ Baylor
  2. Deshaun Fenwick -OR-
  3. Trey Lowe -OR-
  4. Ta’Ron Madison
  5. Isaiah Newell -OR-
  6. Kanoa Shannon -OR-

Wide Receiver

  1. Trevon Bradford
  2. Anthony Gould
  3. Jesiah Irish -OR-

Wide Receiver

  1. Zeriah Beason
  2. Champ Flemings -OR-
  3. Makiya Tongue

Wide Receiver

  1. Tyjon Lindsey
  2. Silas Bolden
  3. Tre’Shaun Harrison -OR-

Tight End

  1. Teagan Quitoriano
  2. Jake Overman

Tight End

  1. Luke Musgrave
  2. Tommy Spener

Left Tackle

  1. Joshua Gray
  2. Marco Brewer

Left Guard

  1. Jake Levengood
  2. Tyler Morano


  1. Nathan Eldridge
  2. Tanner Miller

Right Guard

  1. Nous Keobounnam
  2. Korbin Sorenson

Right Tackle

  1. Brandon Kipper
  2. Taliese Fuaga


Defensive End

  1. Simon Sandberg
  2. Sione Lolohea
  3. Jeromy Reichner -OR-

Defensive Tackle

  1. Thomas Sio
  2. Alexander Skelton

Defensive End

  1. Cody Anderson
  2. James Rawls
  3. Keonte Schad -OR-
  4. Tavis Shippen -OR-

Outside Linebacker

  1. Addison Gumbs
  2. Riley Sharp -OR-
  3. Ryan Franke
  4. Cade Brownholtz -OR-

Inside Linebacker

  1. Avery Roberts
  2. Kyrei Fisher
  3. Easton Mascarenas -OR-

Inside Linebacker

  1. Omar Speights
  2. Jack Colletto
  3. John Miller -OR-

Outside Linebacker

  1. Andrzej Hughes-Murray
  2. Semisi Saluni
  3. Cory Stover -OR-


  1. Alex Austin
  2. EJ Jones -OR-
  3. Skyler Thomas


  1. Alton Julian
  2. Akili Arnold


  1. Kitan Oladapo
  2. Ian Massey
  3. Wynston Russell


  1. Jaydon Grant
  2. Ron Hardge III
  3. Wynston Russell


  1. Rejzohn Wright
  2. Ron Hardge III
  3. Skyler Thomas -OR-



  1. Everett Hayes
  2. Atticus Sappington


  1. Luke Loecher
  2. Josh Green -OR-

Long Snapper

  1. Dylan Black
  2. Cameron Landes


  1. Luke Loecher
  2. Josh Green

Punt Returner

  1. Trevon Bradford
  2. Anthony Gould

Kick Returner

  1. Champ Flemings
  2. Jesiah Irish -OR-
  3. Silas Bolden

More analysis to come, but it is exciting to finally see the first depth chart of the season. The big news of the day was Sam Noyer officially being named the starter for week one. I thought Jonathan Smith might hold his cards close to his chest and not tell the public until kickoff. Other interesting tidbits is to see three co-starters at running back (Baylor, Lowe & Fenwick). Thomas Sio beat out Alexander Skelton at the defensive tackle spot (although I expect everyone listed on the defensive line to play a lot). Stay tuned to Building the Dam as we lead up to gameday!