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BTD’s 2020 College Football Bowl Game Staff Picks: Pre-National Championship Game Update

Alabama and Ohio State wrap up the college football season on Monday night.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

One single game remains in the college football season and it will of course, be for all the marbles between Alabama and Ohio State on Monday night (1/11/21). However, this also means that our widely acclaimed and internationally beloved BTD Bowl Game Staff Picks will be wrapping us as well, with very little excitement to be completely honest about it.

To give it away a bit, all four contributors who took part in our “Staff Picks” chose the same title game, projecting Alabama would meet Clemson, meaning we’re all half-wrong in some way mathematically. But Travis and Marcus picking Clemson to win the whole shabang basically pushes them out of any contention at this point, with Ohio State playing spoiler to that match-up. The_Coach and John both chose Alabama to win it all, which puts them in the same boat heading into the final.

Anyway, we all did fairly poor and that’s all there is to it. The_Coach has somewhat won by default, which means he knows how to go with Alabama and never look back. Not exactly bold by any means, but never a bad choice by any means. It was a fun ride though through our season-long picks as well and as always, we thank you guys for sticking by us!

The Final Standings

  • The_Coach: 15-10
  • John: 13-12
  • Marcus: 13-12
  • Travis: 9-16