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Governor Kate Brown Grants Beavers/Ducks State Exemption

Could Pac-12 football return this fall?

IAAF World Athletics Championships 2019 - Day Ten - Khalifa International Stadium Photo by Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has granted the Beavers & Ducks an exemption from state sports restrictions (just like the pro teams in the state). According to Kate Brown’s spokesman Charles Boyle:

While this is a step in the eventual return of Pac-12 football in the State of Oregon; the conference still needs to submit its plans for the season. Why the sudden change in attitude after it was announced that Oregon State would not have fall sports and athletics would not return until at least 2021? Well the latest domino to fall was the Big Ten’s decision to return; which was made official early this morning.

Now that the SEC, Big 12, ACC and Big Ten have decided to play football this fall; it’s easy to feel like the Pac-12 conference is the only conference not playing. But that’s just not true. Most college football teams and conferences (Mountain West, Ivy League etc etc) have decided against playing football this fall. LA Times sports columnist feels strongly that the Pac-12 shouldn’t be playing football this fall:

Who knows what this ultimately means for the Pac-12. I don’t know what the right answer is. I suspect the Pac-12 might return to conference play sooner than 2021; but I honestly have no idea what might happen. I would feel more confident if something other than Larry Scott was in charge during these unprecedented times, but here we are.