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Top Twenty for 2021* - Numbers 1-7

So many people not socially distanced in that picture.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Oregon State at UCLA Photo by David Dennis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well a decision has officially been made on college football this fall for the Pac-12. Other conferences (SEC, ACC, Big 12) are trying to hold out hope; but I suspect almost all college football teams will kick the can down the road and see if they can play in the spring. Oregon State announced they won’t play sports until 2021 at the earliest..

#7 Isaac Hodgins - Defensive Lineman

The junior defensive lineman will be one of important pieces of the new look defensive line when football resumes. Having played in every game during his first 2 seasons at Oregon State Isaac will be looking to build upon his production.

#6 Tyjon Lindsey - Wide Receiver

The speedster will look to have a big season when Pac-12 football resumes.

#5 Trevon Bradford - Wide Receiver

Injuries robbed him of a successful 2019. It will be interesting to see what happens with Bradford. Does the redshirt senior hang around Corvallis until football returns?

#4 Avery Roberts - Inside Linebacker

Roberts is a hard hitting tackling machine. He’s huge for Oregon State’s defense.

#3 Tristan Gebbia - Quarterback

Gebbia has waited a long time to be named the starting QB of a P5 team and he’ll have to wait a bit longer now.

#2 Jermar Jefferson - Running Back

Will Jermar Jefferson hang around Corvallis? He’s been dominate when healthy. Would he risk injury and play his junior season or might he get ready for the NFL draft...

#1 Hamilcar Rashed Jr. - Linebacker

The man who lived in opposing backfields in 2019 tops the list.

The Full List:

  1. Hamilcar Rashed Jr. - LB

2. Jermar Jefferson - RB

3. Tristan Gebbia - QB

4. Avery Roberts - ILB

5. Trevon Bradford - WR

6. Tyjon Lindsey - WR

7. Isaac Hodgins - DE

8. Nathan Eldridge - C

9. Addison Gumbs - OLB

10. David Morris - S

11. Brandon Kipper - OT

12. Omar Speights - LB

13. Teagan Quitoriano - TE

14. Isaiah Dunn - CB

15. Champ Flemings - WR

16. Jaydon Grant - DB

17. Nahshon Wright - CB

18. Andrzej Hughes-Murray - LB

19. Rejzohn Wright - CB

20. Chance Nolan - QB