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Father’s Day Fumble? Grab A Last Minute, Custom Gift From An Oregon State Legend

It’s very personal, kind of cool and hey, it’s something better than a tie.

Oregon State v Washington Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Is your father like mine (and everyone else’s on earth) and basically impossible to shop for? Is he also an Oregon State fan? Well, then if you stumbled with getting your pops a great Father’s Day gift, look no further than Cameo, a really cool website which connects people with celebrities for custom videos for any occasion.

No, we’re not endorsing Cameo or getting paid by them in any way. Instead, we’re just letting you onto a cool idea in case your Father’s Day gift went awry or you’re looking for a sweet gift for some future event. Below are just some of the Oregon State folks on Cameo and the price you’d pay for their services.




Obviously, you’re going to need to break the bank for Gary Payton, but a custom video from Stephen Thompson Jr. is well worth the $8 in my opinion. Even recent draft pick Isaiah Hodgins is there for a manageable price and maybe you recently came into some money and want a video from Chad Ochocinco. Who knows?

Either way, it’s our job here at Building The Dam to share unique Oregon State things with you, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. Hopefully, your Father’s Day gift-giving went smoother than mine and you don’t have this issue. Yet, somehow, I think a few of out there likely did.