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Beavers look forward to Pac-12 Tournament

It’s officially postseason time. Can the Beavs make a run?

NCAA Womens Basketball: Oregon St. at Oregon Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It’s postseason time! The Pac-12 tournament for women’s basketball starts Thursday in Las Vegas. The Beavers are the 6-seed and you can view a PDF of the bracket here. The Beavers will take on #11 Washington State (rematch) at 8:30 PM PT Thursday night. If they advance they’ll have to face #3 Stanford.

While it’s obviously not ideal to not land a top-4 seed and miss out on a first round bye; I do think the bracket breaks favorably for Oregon State. Their path to a Pac-12 Championship would likely be: WSU, Stanford, UCLA & Oregon. That’s a tough road; but it’s not impossible.

Oregon State has had a rough season on and off the court. Losing eight conference games while losing players to season ending injuries is not what they envisioned going into the season. But this team and especially the seniors aren’t ready to roll over and end their season on a sour-note though.

Head Coach Scott Rueck gave the Sean Meagher of the Oregonian this quote when discussing the seniors: “They’ve been tasked with continuing the legacy. They’ve really put their stamp on this program. I’m excited to help them finish this whole thing in style.”