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Jonathan Smith Receives Contract Extension

J Smitty and the crew will be sticking around for a few years more...

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

News broke Tuesday morning on ESPN that Head Coach Jonathan Smith received a new three-year contract extension to coach the Beavs. Smith’s original contract had him set to coach through 2022, but the new agreement between Coach Smith and Oregon State Athletics means that coach will be here through the 2025 season. The original contract had Smith earning about $1.9 million dollars annually. And while the specifics of the new deal are not available at this time, an source stated “there was an overall increase in compensation”.

Oregon State Athletic Director Scott Barnes released a statement backing the new extension saying, “Coach Smith has been groomed to lead the Beaver football program. His impact has been significant and there is no one better suited to continue to build the foundation to a level of sustained success. ... Simply put, he’s our guy.”

After watching the Beavers improve from two wins in 2018 to five wins this past season, everyone in Corvallis seems to be pretty happy about the overall direction of the Beaver football program after years of irrelevance. The football team took substantial steps forward in 2019, and easily could’ve had three more wins under their belt. Needless to say, everyone is expecting a bowl appearance in the immediate future of this program.

Another huge notch on the belt of Coach Smith and the rest of the coaching staff, the Oregon State Football team recently posted the highest team GPA in program history with a 3.22 average. This is something that won’t get much attention in the ESPN updates, but this a sign that Smith’s vision is working. He is building respectable players and men, on and off the field. And that’s something that should be commended.