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Beavers Play Dumb Game, Lose In Dumb Ways

This was just dumb

Oregon State v Hawaii Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

I am very tired. I do not want to write this dumb recap.

This game was dumb in so many dumb ways.

Oregon State scored 28 points in the first half. Oregon State’s defense gave up 21. The second half saw Oregon State give up all of 10, while Oregon State’s offense scored 0 freaking points. ZERO!

I don’t know what to say. The defense looked alright. Aside from JoJo Ward going absolutely bonkers in the OSU secondary, the defense made some pretty big plays including 2 turnovers. The OSU offense looked amazing in the first half. Luton and Hodgins were on another level. Jermar Jefferson looked like an All American. Artavis Pierce was great in spot duty. I honestly don’t know where that all went in the second half. Luton couldn’t hit a receiver, Jermar struggled to find any yards. Then we did some real dumb stuff. Like having our punter attempt a throw deep in our own territory with the game tied and less than 4 minutes on the clock. Or having one of our defensive players throw punches at one of our other defensive players. We ran a 4th and 5 play where the receiver stops short of the sticks. We threw punches after the game was over... We did a lot of dumb stuff and honestly did not deserve a chance to win, yet we still had one. We drove late and set up a 50 some odd yard FG attempt into the wind that could have tied it. It predictably missed. Some may say that’s on Choukair, but that’s a hard kick for any kicker to make. That loss was 100% on our ineffective second half offense and some real dumb calls from the coaching staff.

Oregon State had a very good opportunity to get the season going in the right direction heading into a very winnable Cal Poly game. They could have been 2-1 going into conference play with a handful of winnable Pac-12 games, but they blew it. This was all very dumb and honestly pretty embarrassing.

I’m going to bed