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The Week 1 SBNation FanPulse Poll Is Released: See Who Made Moves

Your Vote= Your Voice

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The fans have spoken and the week 1 FanPulse results are in. What is FanPulse you ask? It is SBNations way of giving you and me a voice in the top 25 rankings. Every week fans get a ballot, fill out their top 25 just like a coach or AP voter and SBNation does all the fancy math and spit out a top 25.

Here is the Week 1 edition.

The top of the ranks hasn’t changed much with a 1-2 punch of Clemson and Alabama with several blue bloods coming in right behind the. As far as the Pac 12 goes Washington State and Stanford make a appearances at 22nd and 24th respectively, bringing the total team from the conference of champions to five with Oregon dropping five spots to 17th, Washington holding steady at 13 and Utah sneaking up from 15th to 14th. One of the biggest movers of the week was Auburn, who catapulted 10 spots from 18th to 8th.

Want to see Oregon fall lower?? Well as a wise man once said “Don’t boo... vote”. One really cool feature that is available once we get 50 of our followers to sign up we can have individual results, meaning we will get a top 25 poll made up solely by Building The Dam fans. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!