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BTD Pac 12 Pick Em: Week 5

Honestly may as well throw darts at the wall

NCAA Football: UCLA at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Leader board after week 3:

Ross- 29 Points

Joe, Leo, Coach and John- 28 points

Justin -27 points

Travis and Marcus- 26 points

Hayden and Albert- 25 points

Ross still clings to the lead, while Albert and Hayden hang out in last after a rough week for both.

ASU at Cal

Only Coach thinks Herm’s squad plays well enough to win the game.

Editor’s note: Coach has an unexplained hatred for all things Cal

SC At Washington

We are almost all going with Washington in this one, but the Southern Cal native, Albert, is rolling with the Trojans

Stanford at Oregon State

Just know Beaver fans that only Ross, Travis, Albert, John and Leo believe, everyone else is a hater.

WSU at Utah

Two teams looking to rebound after surprise upsets last week. Hayden, Marcus and Coach believe the Cougs shake off their implosion last week, while everyone else believes the Utes get back on track

UCLA at Arizona

This game has Pac 12 after dark written all over it and it’s got us split right down the middle.

UCLA- Travis, Justin, John, Marcus, Albert

Arizona-Leo, Ross, Coach, Joe, Hayden

Who’s right? Who is wrong? Let us know below