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BTD’s Pac 12 Pick Em

A light schedule leads to little argument

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Michigan State
We are all just playing to win the game
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Leader board after week 3:

Ross- 26 Points

Joe, Leo, Coach and John- 25 points

Albert and Justin -24 points

Travis, Hayden, and Marcus- 23 points

Ross has claimed first place after a fairly dominate week, but things are still pretty tight.

Utah at USC

We are all going with the Utes in this one

Cal At Ol Miss

Cal gets an unfortunate draw with a 9am pacific start, only Joe, John and Leo think they can overcome that for the win.

Washington at BYU

The Huskies take this one unanimously

Oregon at Stanford

We would all be happy with a Stanford win, but none of us see it coming.

Colorado at ASU

A split decision on this one, with Travis, Justin, Marcus, Ross and Coach all picking the Buffs. Hayden, Albert, Joe, John and Leo are picking Herman and his friends.

Washington State at UCLA

Chip’s seat gets a little warmer this week. We all got the Cougs.

Who’s right? Who is wrong? Let us know below