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Oregon State Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown - #1 Jake Luton

The man behind center comes in at No. 1

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown of Oregon State Football’s most valuable player continues with number 1. Just 3 more days until the home opener!

#1 Jake Luton - Quarterback

Jake Luton tops the list as the senior quarterback was granted a sixth-year of eligibility from the NCAA. Standing at 6-foot-7, 230-pounds the quarterback with a big arm has developed an amazing connection with top receiver, Isaiah Hodgins.

Luton’s endured a lot throughout his collegiate career: injures, sickness, transferring, junior college, quarterback competitions etc etc. He was named the starter the past two seasons and went down with injuries both times. Last year he suffered a concussion in the first game on the first drive. He returned to the field later in the season and was then hobbled with an ankle injury for the remainder of the season, that didn’t stop him from leading the dramatic comeback against Colorado though.

In 2018, Luton threw for 1,660 yards, 10 TDs (4 INTs) and completed 62.5% of his passes. He appeared in eight games and is looking to go out on top during his final season. This year Jake Luton finally has some continuity on the coaching staff/scheme and a sense of familiarity with the guys around him on offense. Luton’s experience, leadership, and big play ability should help bring Oregon State’s offense to the next level.

If Oregon State is going to work its way out of the Pac-12 cellar Jake Luton will need to play a huge role and if he struggles don’t be surprised to see backup QB, Tristan Gebbia get his number called. The two battled back and forth this off-season for the starting quarterback job and both proved they could capably move the first team offense, before Luton was eventually named the starter.

Jake Luton’s suffered his fair share of injuries during his career and many are projecting Gebbia to take the reins at some point this season even if Luton does stay healthy, but I don’t think Luton is ready to spend the majority of his final season as a mentor. Look for Luton to have a strong season in 2019.

Projected Stats:

3,100 yards... 26 TDs (9 INTs)... 64% completion rate

The Full List:

  1. Jake Luton - QB
  2. Jermar Jefferson - RB
  3. Isaiah Hodgins - WR
  4. Jalen Moore - S
  5. Gus Lavaka - OL
  6. Trevon Bradford - WR
  7. David Morris - S
  8. Shawn Wilson - DB
  9. Blake Brandel - OL
  10. Addison Gumbs - OLB
  11. Tristan Gebbia - QB
  12. Hamilcar Rashed Jr - OLB
  13. Elu Aydon - DT
  14. Andrzej Hughes-Murray - OLB
  15. Artavis Pierce - RB
  16. Brandon Kipper - OL
  17. Isaac Hodgins - DL
  18. Kaleb Hayes - CB
  19. Shemar Smith - ILB
  20. Jordan Whittley - DT
  21. Isaiah Dunn - CB
  22. Matthew Tago - OLB
  23. Nathan Eldridge - C
  24. Doug Taumoelau - ILB
  25. Jesiah Irish - WR
  26. Jeffrey Manning Jr. - S
  27. Tyjon Lindsey - WR
  28. Omar Hicks-Onu - S
  29. Noah Togiai - TE
  30. Isaiah Tufaga - ILB
  31. Jeromy Rechiner - DL
  32. Avery Roberts - ILB
  33. Kee Whetzel - DB
  34. James Rawls - DE
  35. Kolby Taylor - WR
  36. John McCartan - OLB
  37. Clay Cordasco - OL
  38. Nous Keobouunam - OL
  39. Champ Flemings - WR
  40. Teagan Quitoriano - TE
  41. Isaac Garcia - OLB
  42. Isaiah Smalls - TE
  43. Omar Speights - OLB
  44. LaMone Williams - DE
  45. Nahson Wright - CB
  46. Simon Sandberg - DE
  47. Evan Bennett - DT
  48. Jaydon Grant - CB
  49. Jordan Choukair - K
  50. Daniel Rodriguez - P