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Things That Will 100%* Happen During The 2019 Oregon State Football Season


Oregon State v Stanford Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

3 Wins

Hey I never said it was all good things. 3 wins, is not a pretty number. Hell when Mike Riley won 3 games people were ready to burn Reser down. Times have changed though, and 3 wins would be the 2nd best season in a half decade. Which games will they win you ask? I’ll go Cal Poly, Hawaii and Arizona State

The defense will be bad

Which is actually a pretty solid step considering the were god awful the past two years... baby steps! The return of David Morris along with the addition of Addison Gumbs and Avery Roberts will be huge boosts to Tim Tibesars squad. Unfortunately the depth will still not be there. The defense will go from being ranked near the bottom of FBS to somewhere in the 70’s.

Tristan Gebbia will start more games than Jake Luton

Jake Luton will be the starter early in the season, but Tristan Gebbia take over before the mid way point. I’m not sure if it will be performance or injury, but Gebbia will be the guy by the mid way point.

The O line will look pretty pretty pretty good

Led by a pair of 4th year starters in Blake Brandel and Gus Lavaka the OSU offensive line will look pretty good in 2019. Nathan Eldridge will solidify the center position with Brandon Kipper and Clay Cordasco filling out the right side. All will have more experience with coach M and his techniques

Jordan Choukair will be a very good kicker

I am going to be honest, I don’t like kickers. It’s nothing personal, I just think its a weird aspect of a football game. I have yelled at many kickers through the TV screen, one of which I later became friends with as I subsequently apologized for all the terrible things I yelled about him in my apartment years previous. My feelings towards that particular position on a football roster are not unique, and Jordan Choukair probably had a lot of things yelled at him through TV screens last year. He was also on the receiving end of some twitter tough guys who felt letting their frustration out in a private setting wasn’t sufficient and decided to talk crap to him directly (DONT BE THAT GUY!). Anyway despite my frustration with kickers in general I would love to see a Choukair redemption in 2019, so I am going to go ahead and say that it will happen. Jordan Choukair will have a very good year.

There will be idiots on twitter dot com calling for Smith to be fired

Its going to be another rough year of football in Corvallis, and per my sources some in Beaver Nation (especially some of the angrier Beavers) will claim that Smith isn’t the guy and needs to be fired. There will be some blog posts comparing him to Mike Riley (cause apparently Mike Riley wasn’t a good coach for the Beavers). These people are what we call idiots. Now I am not going to say with 100% certainty that Jonathan Smith will get this program back on track, I have no idea. To be honest I was a Beau Baldwin guy (his offense at Cal has made me question that idea), but it is too early to make any determination on Jonathan Smith. He came into a dumpster fire. It will take years to clean it up. I’ll wait til year 4 to make up my mind.

The civil war will be a very competitive loss

I wish I could predict a win, but I can’t. That being said I think the game in Autzen will be far more competitive than the past two years. I’ll say the Beavs lose a nail bitter 35-31.

Feel free to tell me I am an idiot in the comments below