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Oregon State Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown - #16 Brandon Kipper

The Hawaii transfer is looking to make an impact in orange and black

Fresno State v Hawaii Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

The college football season is quickly approaching! We continue BTD’s countdown list with number 16.

#16: Brandon Kipper- Offensive line

When Oregon State heads to Hawaii in early September it will be a reunion of sorts for Brandon Kipper. The Idaho native played in 11 games his freshmen year on the island before deciding he wanted the challenge of power 5 football and decided to transfer to Oregon State. Kipper saw the field in three games last year which helped him gain some experience while maintaining his redshirt status. Heading into what will be his redshirt sophomore campaign much is expected of the 305 pound blocker. While Gus Lavaka and Blake Brandel have locked up 2 spots on the offensive line and most expect Nathan Eldridge to take up another the final two spots are still somewhat contested. Kipper is largely expected to fill one of those and represent a building block of the offensive line for years to come.

The next week or so should be when players start to separate themselves on the depth chart. Expect Kipper to be on of the 5 offensive linemen listed first.

Projected Statistics:

Some sweet blocks and a nasty attitude? I don’t know. I’ll just say I expect this years offensive line to lead the way for a large chunk of rushing yards and hopefully a large decrease in the number of quarterback sacks and hurries