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A Q&A with Marvin

We chat with one of the legends of OSU

Everyone knows him, everyone loves him. He is the man, the myth, the legend of Beaver Nation. He is Marvin Yonamine, aka Marvin Beaverman. Currently on day 6769 of rocking Oregon State gear he has become a fan favorite for good reason. His unwavering support of OSU students, athletes and alums is second to none. We were lucky enough to get him to take some time and answer a few questions for us. Hope you all enjoy.

Why did you become a Beav?

I became a Beaver fan in Dec. 1971, when we came from Hawaii to visit my late dad, who was getting his Master’s Degree at OSU. We still lived in Hawaii but came to visit my dad during Christmas Break.

Do you think there’s a bigger beaver fan than yourself, and if so, who?

We are are big Beaver fans. All of us in Beaver Nation are important parts of being Beaver fans. You just know me because I am on twitter. There are thousand like me in the Beaver State and around the world with my passion and love for OSU. This is the gosh honest truth.

How many times does you go to OSU a year if? Does you try to hit certain sports/events?

In the past, I go up to the Beaver State twice a year. Right now, my 91 year old mom came to live with me. I have to take care of her. Thus, for the time being I can’t plan to go up there often. Being a Beaver sports fan is only part of my love for OSU. I cheer for the academic side of OSU more than the my being a huge OSU sports fan. I used to go up to OSU when I could collect enough Hawaiian Miles for a free trip up to PDX and back. Unlike donors of other schools, I don’t have a private Lear Jet to take me away to games. I am just your average Joe fan who cheers for my Alma mater. Thus, I don’t plan sporting events to go up to.

What made you decide to start taking a picture of himself in beaver gear everyday, and is there anything that would make you stop?

I got a smart phone in 2015 and never took a selfie until Dec. 2015. My younger child was the 3rd kid of mine to get accepted into OSU. Someone told me I could go on this thing called Twitter to congratulate him, thus I signed up for twitter.

I have been wearing OSU gear since the Fiesta Bowl win on January 1, 2001. The reason why I take selfies of my ugly face is not for vanity. It is because if I told you there was this village idiot in Hawaii who wears OSU gear every DAM day, you would not believe it. You would say, I am drunk and making up a tall tale. The selfies are proof that I do wear OSU gear every DAM day. Why would I stop wearing OSU gear??? I am not an egomaniac, thus, I don’t care if others would tease me or make fun of me. I wear OSU gear because OSU is only one of two schools that is a land, sea, space and sun grant institution in the USA. Penn State is the other school on the east coast. I am proud of OSU’s academics. Academics first and the athletics will follow. I don’t buy into the notion of other schools that sports are first and learning is second. Win at all cost mentality even if we have to cheat or take in illegal donations, bribes and cover it up to win natties. That is not what I believe and what I feel is wrong with college sports.

What is your favorite piece of Oregon State clothing?

My favorite piece of OSU clothing would me be the current one that I am wearing that day. You can’t pick favorites. I like them all.

How many OSU shirts do you own?

At the height, I had about 150 OSU shirt. I donated a lot to OSU’s Engineers without Borders, thus, there are many of my shirts in Nicaragua right now. I don’t need too many because I have a washing machine.

What is your favorite Oregon State athletic moment?

First NCAA Baseball National Championship in 2006. I cried that afternoon. Real men will admit when they cry.

What is your favorite Beaver sport to follow?

I love all Beaver sport, but again, being a sports fan is just a small part of my love for OSU as a whole.

Who is your favorite Beaver athlete of all time? How about current?

Can’t pick an OSU athlete as my favorite because that would be disrespecting all the good OSU athletes and student who graduated and are productive members of our society. The main goal of OSU and my love for OSU is to graduate students to make this world a better place. I really mean this.

When you announce your bid for the 2020 election, who will be your running mate?

We have many problems in our nation. We must solve them for the human race. The world does not have boarder. We are all human being. I love OSU because I got to meet people from around the world. We are all the same on the inside.

I would like to thank Marvin for taking the time to answer my questions. Marvin is truly a legend in Beaver Nation.