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Power Ranking: The Best 28 Point Comebacks Of The 2018 season

You asked for this Ralphie Report

Oregon State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It’s summer time, which means things slow down quite a bit for us here at Building The Dam dot com, but we know you all need you fix of our lovely content so here we go.

Today I am going to rank the greatest 28 point comebacks of the 2018 OSU football season.


Beavers topple the Buffaloes in Boulder.

Coming into the game the Beavs were starting there 3rd string QB in Jack Colletto. The Colorado Buffaloes were celebrating homecoming and riding high with a 5-2 record and big bowl aspirations. Moral was low for Beaver Nation, and it sure as hell didn’t get any better during the first half. A mix of poor play on the offense and downright awful play by the defense say a 7-0 first quarter deficit balloon to 24-3 at halftime. Personally I just about gave up on the game and started to hack away at my list of home repairs... I left the game on as I had volunteered to do the immediate recap for this glorious website. I tried to pawn it off at half but no one else bit, so I figured I would just have to suffer through a grueling second half much like the first. The opening drive did little to quell these suspicions. The first play from scrimmage saw the Buffaloes break off a 75 yard touchdown run to push the score to 31-3.

I gave up.

I’ll just make up the rest of the recap I told myself

No one is going to care to read this recap anyway

Then Jake Luton came on to the field riding a beautiful white stallion.... Or at least that’s how I remember it.

Well I guess I’ll stick around for another drive to see how Luton looks coming off an ankle injury I told myself.

The Beavs convert a 3rd down... then another, and another... Interesting. They make it to the Colorado 8. They fail on a 3rd down conversion... and then it happens. Luton to Hodgins. A one handed grab in the end zone. 31-10.

Alright, but if Colorado scores on this drive I quit.

Beavs force a punt

Beavs are forced to punt

Colorado converts a third down with a stupid ridiculous 49 yard run from the QB. Beavs intercept a pass in the endzone, review overturns it. Colorado lines up for a field goal. Beavs block.

Holy shit... we may just have a game. I tell myself

Beavs open the 4th quarter with a Colletto TD run. 31-17

Holy shit. We do have a game.

Colorado drive stalls on a failed 4th down conversion.

Beavs get the ball. Beavs drive. Beavs go for a field goal. Beaver Nation holds it’s breath as the ball hits the upright... and bounces in! 31-20

Colorado goes 3 and out!

Beavs drive 63 yards and cap it off with a TD to Hodgins and a 2 point conversion to make it a 3 point game. 31-28

Holy shit... we may win?

Colorado goes milks the clock for what seems to be an eternity (5 +minutes) with a methodical drive that ends in a field goal and a 6 point lead. 34-28 with just over 2 minutes to go.

The Beavs drive. Colorado helps with a couple penalties. Luton and co get into the redzone.

Holy shit... I think we are going to win!

It’s fourth down. Beavs on the doorstep. Luton finds Trevon Bradford! Touchdown!

We are going to win!

The extra point is blocked... the game is tied. 34-34. Colorado has a chance to win. Dam it all

Colorado quickly drives into OSU territory. They line up for a game winning field goal as time is set to expire. Beaver Nation holds it’s breath. The 53 yard attempt falls short and we head to OT.

Beavs get the ball.

Two 3rd down conversions take the Beavs inside the 5. A pair of Jermar Jefferson runs make it 3rd and goal from the one. Here comes Jack Colletto. Colorado calls a timeout. It doesn’t matter. Colletto goes all Mike Alstott and plunges through for 6. The extra point is up....Beaver Nation prays... and it’s good!

I don’t know what to think

Colorado gets the ball and a chance to answer. The Buffs get into a first and goal situation. No gain on the QB keeper. 2nd and goal. Pass is tipped and incomplete. 3rd and goal... pass incomplete. 4th and goal... Beavs can win their first road game since Mike Riley was coach. Montez drops back... fires... and it falls incomplete.

Beavs win!

Beavs win!

Holy shit the Beavs complete a 28 point comeback and Jake Luton etches his name into OSU history.

What a comeback

Sorry Ralphie.