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BTD’s Pac-12 Football All-Name Selections: Mountain Schools

The names keep coming, this time from Colorado and Utah

NCAA Football: Utah at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Building the Dam’s second installment of Pac-12 Football’s All-Name Selections. This list is done in the spirit of Chris Berman’s nicknames he used to give football players in the NFL. If you missed out on all the great (or terrible) names from a couple years ago, here’s a link. This time we’ll spread the teams out by region, cause hey, it’s summer and we gotta milk this for all it’s worth. Enjoy this selection of the best names in Pac-12 football today.


Derrion “the Last” Rakestraw - WR

“I am” Legend Brumbaugh - TE

Jacob “Less is” Moretti - OL

Chance “Not so” Lytle - OL

William Sherman “Not Sherman Williams” - OL

Josh “Man With the” Goldin “gun” - QB

Curtis “Oranges and” Appleton - DB

“Should Have Gone to the University of” James Townsend - LS

Nate “Because Football Ain’t Played In the Water” Landman - LB

Casey “Chronicles of” Roddick - OL


“Captain” Falcon “Show Me Your Moves” Kaumatule - DL

Lucas Lilly “Pad” - DB

JaTravis McCloud - DB

Noah Osur-”Not Oscar”-Myers - OL

Edward “the Vandal” Vander - RB

“Hands of” Stone “Is Why I Play Defense” Azarcon - DB

Pita “Bread” Tonga - DL

LaCarea Pleasant-Johnson - DB

Josh “I Need a” Nurse - DB

Nygel “Hail to the” King - DB

Kyle “Green” Lanterman - OL

Keaton “Hope I Don’t Get Drafted by the” Bills - OL

Did we miss any? Or do you have a clever alternative to any of the above? If so, please share in the comments! We still got some time to waste before football season kicks off! If you missed out on our selections from other schools released so far, check them out in the link below.

Arizona Schools

Bay Area Schools