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Reflecting on the 2018 Top-30 List

2018 was a season of surprises

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Each offseason BTD likes to countdown to the football season with a list of Oregon State’s most valuable players. The 50-man list (only 30 in 2018) serves as a nice forecast to which players will have a big impact on the upcoming season.

Once the season starts and there’s actual games to evaluate the 50-man list of course is quickly forgotten. Before we start unveiling the most valuable players list for the 2019 season; we thought it would be wise to review the previous season’s list. Who exceeded expectations? Who was the biggest snub from the list?

The full 2018 list:

  1. Blake Brandel - OL
  2. Kalani Vakameilalo - DL
  3. Gus Lavaka - OL
  4. Jake Luton - QB
  5. Artavis Pierce - RB
  6. Noah Togiai - TE
  7. Isaiah Hodgins - WR
  8. Elu Aydon - DT
  9. David Morris - S
  10. Jalen Moore - S
  11. Timmy Hernandez - WR
  12. Andrzej Hughes-Murray - LB
  13. Sumner Houston - OL
  14. Trevon Bradford - WR
  15. Jonathan Willis - LB
  16. Kammy Delp - OL
  17. Jay Irvine - CB
  18. Kee Whetzel - LB
  19. Trent Moore - OL
  20. Dwayne Williams - CB
  21. LaMone Williams - DE
  22. Isaiah Dunn - CB
  23. Conor Blount - QB
  24. Omar Hicks-Onu - S
  25. Jeromy Reichner - DE
  26. Hamilcar Rashed Jr. - LB
  27. Isaac Garcia - DE
  28. Shemar Smith - LB
  29. Shawn Wilson - CB
  30. Yanni Demogerontas - OL


A lot of guys out-performed preseason expectations, specifically on the offensive side of the ball. Jermar Jefferson didn’t even crack the top-30 list and became arguably the Beavs most important player. Trevon Bradford, Conor Blount, Jake Luton and Isaiah Hodgins all had bigger years than expected.

There was also a lot of newcomers that stepped into bigger roles as well. Isaac Hodgins, Isaiah Tufaga, Matthew Tago, John McCartan, Isaiah Smalls, Teagan Quitoriano and Jack Colletto all had nice moments in 2018 and should build upon that in 2019.


Injuries... Injuries... And more injuries. David Morris, Jay Irvine, Dwayne Williams, Isaiah Dunn, Omar Hicks-Onu, Jeromy Reichner and many many others suffered severe injuries during or leading up to the 2018 season. It was a rough season for injuries especially on the defense side of the ball, not to mention the injuries to Jake Luton and Conor Blount throughout the season. It was a shock the offense was able to perform well with the inconsistency under center.

Also it’s not a huge surprise but the defense line struggled. A lot was being asked of Kalani Vakameilalo, Elu Aydon, LaMone Williams, Isaac Garcia and others and they didn’t always come through for the Beavers. The good news is that if the defense stays even moderately healthy they should improve this upcoming season.

The 2019 season is shaping up to be similar to the 2018 season. SB Nation’s Bill Connelly, previewed the Beavers upcoming season here. His algorithm has the Beavs projected for 2.6 wins. A tough schedule doesn’t do them any favors, but they should be more competitive in almost every game they play. Look for the BTD’s countdown list to start rolling out at the end of this month.