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Oregon State Baseball: Oregon Ducks Series Preview

The Beavers travel to Eugene for a three game series against the rival Ducks. How is the Ducks baseball team faring this season?

Oregon v Pepperdine Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images

So after a no good, dirty rotten weekend against the other orange and black OSU, the Beavs now turn their attention to the Oregon Ducks. It brings this writer no joy to talk about those guys in green and yellow, but it is a necessary evil to understand our upcoming opponent. Not to mention, it is absolutely necessary for the Beavs to win after a discouraging series this past weekend.

The Ducks have been an up-and-down team throughout the entire year. This is reflected through their overall 24-22 record, with a mediocre 8-13 conference record. They have had very strong spurts throughout the season, but have been on a string of series losses over the past few weeks and are floundering to get back on track. With postseason eligibility on the line, the Ducks will be motivated to play well this weekend; especially considering they have already stolen a win against the Beavs earlier this year.

The good news for Oregon is that the Ducks have a solid offense. They feature a .269 average and drive in six runs per games. One of the biggest problems for the Ducks offense that prevents them from winning games is that they fourth lowest slugging percentage in the conference with a .380 slugging percentage. This basically means that power swings and extra base hits are not a big part of their game. The Ducks rely on small ball strategies to help them win games, and it has helped them put up runs throughout most of the season.

Where the wheels fall off for the Ducks is on the pitching side of things. The Ducks have the second worst earned run average in the Pac-12 with a 6.21 ERA. In addition, the Ducks pitching allows the most home runs in the Pac-12 with 40 allowed dingers on the year. It doesn’t help the pitching staff that the Ducks have the fourth worst fielding percentage in the conference, as well. A great example of their pitching and defensive woes are highlighted in their most recent series against Arizona, where the Ducks allowed 54 runs over three games, including 28 runs in a single game, (NOT joking).

So, long story short, the Ducks allow a lot of runs and struggle with fielding. Expect runs in bunches this weekend.


The Ducks have lost the last three Pac-12 conference series this season and head into this series ice-cold. Both teams will be looking to bounce back from sweeps, but it’s hard to envision the Beavers losing this series. Sure, you can’t take anything for granted in a rivalry series, but the Beavs are the superior team in this series. Unless the Ducks can put up a bunch of runs, the OSU offense should provide enough of a boost to help pitching overcome their recent struggles.


  • Game 1: Friday, May 10th - 7:00 PM PT
  • Game 2: Saturday, May 11th - 2:00 PM PT
  • Game 3: Sunday, May 12th - 12:00 PM PT

How to Watch

All three games will be shown live on the Pac 12 Networks main broadcast. In addition, all games can be streamed through through this link.

How to Listen

Oregon State All Access will be carrying this weekend’s games. For all full list of radio stations that will be carrying the games, check out the press notes put out by the university.


Live stats will be available here.