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BTD Mailbag Answers

Title IX, climate change, basketball tourneys, roast duck and more

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-VCU vs Oregon State Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I heard OSU cut the swim team today. Considering OSU only fielded a women’s team and the Title IX implications of removing 20+ women’s opportunities, how is OSU going to balance their sport offerings across the genders? Are they cutting a men’s program somewhere else or expanding/adding a new women’s program?

Travis Johannes- We had that discussion in our group chat the other day. My guess is that those opportunities/scholarships will go to an expanded track program.

Leo Castaneda- As Travis has pointed out, our best guess is more scholarships will go to track and field. However, if OSU were to add another women’s program to be an NCAA sport, I think it would be cool if they did rugby. When I was a student, the women’s club rugby team was competitive and fun to watch.

How come Wayne Tinkle’s first team was his best defensive team?

TJ: Not to steal an answer from someone else in the comment section, but I gotta say having the 2 time Pac-12 DPOY in Gary Payton II was a huge reason for their early defensive success. Though with another offseason under his belt I could see Kylor Kelley swat his way to that title next year.

LC: What Travis said. Would also like to add that Malcolm Duvivier was also a solid defender alongside “The Mitten” in that year.

Marcus Russell: I feel like Wayne Tinkle’s first team was full of scrappy underdogs. And let me tell you as a scrappy underdog on the hardwood myself with almost zero offensive talent, the amount of effort I expend on defense is disproportionate to the amount of energy/effort I expend on offense. Case in point, that 2014-15 team went an impressive 17-14 and only averaged 60.9 points per game; GPII and company probably spent like 70% of their energy on defense that year.

I’m a current OSU student. Will the Beavers ever win a PAC 12 Football Championship in my lifetime?

TJ: Given the impending doom of climate change, I doubt it.

MR: I’m going to say no. Oregon State will be good in the next 50+ years, but I think it’s more likely the Pac-12 disbands before the Beavers are contending for conference championships.

LC: Wow, doom and gloomy aren’t we Travis and Marcus? Head Coach Jonathan Smith led an Oregon State team to a three-way tie for the PAC-10 title back in 2000. I think it’s destiny he wins it as a coach too.

Make the NCAA tournament and lose in the first round in ugly fashion, or win the NIT?

TJ: So I have two answers for this. For the program making the NCAA is a bigger win, even if it involves a blowout. As a fan though, I’d kinda prefer the winning NIT since it would be more games and a winning end to the season.

MR: I would personally much rather them win the NIT and let Stephen Thompson jr and Big G, leave the program on a happy note. Instead of getting slaughtered in embarrassing fashion in the NCAA tournament. The players and university on the other-hand would much rather be part of the big dance under any circumstances though.

LC: Winning the NIT. Now if it was win one game in the NCAA Tournament and then lose ugly, I would choose that.

What types of sources would one site while writing an article? For example what writers would you quote or link or list what site you might get information from. In writing for publications how much should one draw from other accounts?

TJ: This seems like a real Journalism question, I just make dumb twitter jokes.

MR: I get all of my information from Skip Bayless or Jason Witten when he was in the booth on Monday Night Football...

LC: Encyclopedias are a good place to start. Remember those? Not sure if people under 25 do.

Was Wilt Chamberlain a ball hog the night he scored 100 points?

TJ: ‘“‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’

- Wayne Gretzky’

-Michael Scott”

-Travis Johannes

MR: I mean Wilt Chamberlain seems like a good guy and not like a James Harden-esque ball hog, but I was definitely not alive and not watching that night he scored 100. One thing I find interesting is how lonely Wilt looks in his iconic 100 photo, while on the other-hand when Devin Booker scored 70 points as a 20-year old his teammates surround him in celebration. I’m not saying Wilt was a ball hog, but it didn’t seem like his teammates loved passing him the ball all night for him to hit boring sky hooks.

LC: I remember watching Kobe Bryant score 81 points on 46 shots and 20 free-throw attempts and thinking, “ball hog”. Chamberlain scored 100 on 63 shots and 32 FTAs, so I’m pretty sure that would have thought worse.

Where does the women’s basketball team have to finish in the NCAA tournament to consider this a successful season?

TJ: To me it depends on the matchups, but I waffle between Sweet 16 and Elite 8.

MR: It appears that Oregon State might draw a tough NCAA tournament draw as a 3-seed in the Albany regional. Once they stop hosting and hit the Sweet 16 it might be tough to beat a 2-seed far away from home with the neutral crowd essentially against them. I’ll count a Sweet 16 run as a successful season for the Beavers.

LC: Sweet 16. They’ll host the first two games and likely win those handily, but after that, it’s all icing on the cake. The loss of Kat Tudor has significantly affected their three-point spark and the last few weeks have been rough. Their performance in the PAC-12 Tournament may give us a better idea of how they’ll perform, but the week off between the conference tournament and the Big Dance will be quite beneficial.

When seasoning duck, what are the best seasonings to use?

TJ: I like to add something sweet, cause if twitter has taught me anything it’s that Ducks are naturally very salty.

MR: I’ve never had duck, but I’d imagine I would slowly roast it with some garlic powder and a bunch of sauces.

LC: ORANGE peel and BLACK pepper.