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Ralphie Report: Great Blog Or Greatest Blog??

We lost a stupid bet so this is our punishment

USC v Colorado Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Dearest reader of Building The Dam dot com,

I am writing to you today to inform you of a great blog, some may even say the greatest blog. A blog that is well written. Informative. Thoughtful. Enthusiastic. A blog who writes pieces full of wit such as ranking Pac-12 teams in alphabetical order. A blog that supports their athletics programs even if one were to say, hypothetically, blow a 28 point lead at home to a team that hadn’t won a conference game since the Obama administration. A blog which will engage in the dumbest of wagers with yours truly, including making their avatar a poorly photo shopped picture of an upset Chauncey Billups after we beat them on their home court, which is obviously more impressive than a neutral site win in Vegas.

A blog that acts like beating Nebraska in football is still an impressive feat. A blog that will probably keep posting stuff through the spring even though their athletic department lacks the decency to field a baseball or softball squad. My dear friends, that blog, the one who engaged in this very ill thought out wager with us, even after barely beating a terrible Cal team, is none other than Ralphie Report dot com. So go visit our friends Jon, Sam, Jack, another guy named Jack, Anthony, Ted and Jeff to say hello.

Kindest regards,

Building The Dam