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Washington stymies Oregon State, 19-7

The Huskies defense put the clamps down.

NCAA Football: Washington at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets scored 119 points tonight against the Portland Trail Blazers. Oregon State’s offense put up 119 yards against The Washington Huskies. How are these stats related besides being the same numbers? They aren’t but I just thought you should know that I’m extremely depressed about both of those facts. Washington’s defense absolutely dominated Friday night in Reser Stadium. Oregon State’s only points came via their defense (which was pretty impressive). Here’s how a disappointing home game unfolded.


The Beavers first half was rough. Well at least it was offensively (little did I know it would get much worse), Oregon State’s defense played really well. Holding Washington to three points for most of the half before a touchdown late in the second quarter. Washington had a few dropped passes and missed opportunities (including an easy field goal that was missed to end the half) that benefited the Beavs. With how bad Oregon State’s offense was they were lucky to be down just ten.


Washington added another field goal to take a 13-0 lead early in the second half. The Beavers offense continued to look pedestrian and all hope seemed lost; until Jaydon Grant jumped an out route intercepting Jacob Eason and taking it to the house. Just like that Oregon State was back in it 13-7.

Oregon State’s offense continued to falter though. A 60-yard touchdown run for Salvon Ahmed (and failed 2-point conversion) gave Washington a 19-7 lead. The double-digit lead seemed insurmountable as the Beavers offense had shown no signs of life. The Beavs stuffed a Washington 4th-and-short conversion attempt at mid-field; but the offense couldn’t capitalize. I’m not typically one to call for the backup quarterback, but this game was rough for Jake Luton and company. It probably would have been rough for Tristian Gebbia as well, but who knows it was ugly to watch.

I didn’t think Oregon State was going to win this game, but I did think they’d move the ball a little on Washington. That of course did not happen. They had 111 yards of offense in the first half (bad) and 8 yards of offense in the 2nd half. That’s not a typo, it was flat out embarrassing. The final score of 19-7 won’t look bad and this game will probably be quickly forgotten, but wow Oregon State’s offense needs some work if they are going to win another game this season.