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Beavs don’t score as many points as ducks... Lose game.


Oregon State v Oregon
The Gebbia era begins
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

When we look back on the 2019 OSU football season, it will be one that exceeded expectations, but also left a lot to be desired with several games that slipped away late. Today was no different.

Led by Tristan Gebbia (in for an injured Jake Luton) the Beavs had a great first drive that saw Jermar Jefferson end up in the endzone.. unfortunately a penalty negated that play and the Beavs had to settle for 3. It would be the last points the Beavs would score until the 4th quarter. Usually that would mean the game was a blowout, but the Beaver defense didn’t get that memo and decided to do their best to keep the Beavs in the game. They bent but rarely broke holding the Duck offense to 10 points (plus 7 on a kick return) for the vast majority of the game giving the Beav offense every opportunity to make it a game.

The offense finally took that opportunity late in the 4th to make it a 17-10 game. Oregon’s offense responded with a drive to the goaline and appeared to score, before a review determined the running back had fumbled the ball before breaking the plane and the Beavs took over on a touch back... there was hope!

Following a near pick they put the ball in the hands of Jermar Jefferson who hurdled a defender... and lost the football. The ducks recovered and would go on to score to make it 24-10.

The loss ends the season for the Beavs. They will fall just short of a bowl game in a season where most experts had them pegged at 2-3 wins. Building The Dam would like to thank all the OSU seniors who played their final game for the Beavs, as well as any who may forgo their final year in Corvallis for a shot at the NFL.

In the next week or so we will have a very preliminary look at next years squad, which will likely come in with more expectations than any Beav team has had in at least half a decade.