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Best Week 13 College Football Bets

The Beavers are 12-point underdogs to Washington State

NCAA Football: Indiana at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A 4-1 week is in the rear-view mirror. Setting up my overall record for the season to (36-22-2). The Beavers miraculously sit at .500 with two games remaining (Washington State & Oregon). Both games are on the road and the Beavers will be double-digit underdogs in both games, so they’ll need to pull off a big upset to get bowl-eligible. On to the picks!

*Picks in italics, odds courtesy of FanDuel.

#1 - Oregon State (+12) vs. Washington State

Realistically this weekends contest against the Cougars is Oregon State’s best chance of getting bowl-eligible. On the other side of the field it’s also WSU’s best chance of being bowl-eligible (both teams are 5-5 with rival games in the final week). WSU is feeling confident and their running back guaranteed a win against the Beavers. I reallllllyyyyy hope Oregon State wins this game, but at the very least I hope they beat the spread.

#2 - Arkansas (+44) vs. LSU

44 POINTS?! I get that Arkansas is a dumpster fire and LSU is the top team in the nation, but whoa. Maybe I’m wrong and Joe Burrow will light up the scoreboard in hopes of locking up the Heisman trophy, but you’d really have to want to embarrass the Razorbacks to win by 44+.

#3 - Penn State (+18) vs. Ohio State

Here’s another big underdog, which is odd because this is a top-10 matchup. Ohio State has been dominate against the spread and have almost no weaknesses. I still think Penn State will keep this game close though, 18-points seems too high.

#4 - Utah (-21) vs. Arizona

I’m picking Utah to right the wrong of last week. Why would I trust UCLA?? Utah and Oregon both have easy enough schedules left the rest of the way and look destined to face off in the Pac-12 Championship game. I think the winner of that game gets into the College Football Playoffs and if they don’t? Oh boy, this might be the year enough craziness happens that they increase the CFB to an 8-team tournament.

#5 - San Diego State (+1) vs. Hawaii

This looks like a tight contest, but I’ll take the Aztecs here. This game is also a very frustrating reminder that Oregon State could already be bowl-eligible. I think if the Beavers played Hawaii or Stanford this upcoming weekend they would win either game by double-digits. I guess that speaks to the coaching and improvements!

I checked these odds on FanDuel Sports Book Monday morning. Have a great week everyone!