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Beavs Exorcise The Demon, Beat Devils 35-34

One. Win. Away. From. Bowling

Washington v Oregon State Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The 2019 Oregon State football team is one win away from qualifying for a bowl game.

Yes. You read that right.

Those are words I did not think I would write this year. I honestly thought this team would win 3 at most. When they lost to Hawaii, I reset my expectations down to 2 wins...and I wasn’t confident in that, but here we are. The Oregon State Beavers have 5 wins with two games to go.

Some weird shit had to transpire in this game to make it to 5.

A see saw first half saw the Beavs take a 28-21 lead. Jake Luton shined with 3 TD passes, while Jermar Jefferson added on on the ground.

The second half saw the offense fizzle some. Oregon State’s fumbleless season ended with an Art Pierce lost fumble.

The defense did their part. Recovering two fumbles of their own. Simon Sandberg got one off a sack-fumble. Jalen Moore picked up a David Morris strip of Eno Benjamin at the goal line.

The Beavs added 7 with a Noah Togiai score. The Devils got one from Eno Benjamin.

Then stuff got a little weird.

ASU drove... and drove well. They sliced up the defensive back field on their way to the endzone. Scoring with 1:40 left to make it 35-34. Instead of taking the tie, they roll the dice. Eno Benjamin rushes to the left... where he found what had to look like a million dudes in Orange and Black. Benjamin knew it was do or die so he launched a pass into the endzone in the direction of ASU QB Jayden Daniels... Nashon Wright said “not today Satan” and intercepted the ball in the endzone.

ASU went for the onside kick and failed.

Oregon State needed a first down to seal the win... and well, it got a little weird. ASU was able to force a 4th and 2 with about 50 seconds left. Normal coaches would have punted it. Jonathan Smith ain’t normal. He said “F it, lets go for it”. I was nervous. As I assume was everyone else in Beaver Nation. Jake Luton rolled out for a pass to Trevon Bradford... It was very incomplete. Then there was a beautiful yellow flag on the ground. Pass interference. First down. Beavs win.

See you all next week when we go for win 6 against Wazzu. Let’s make Max Borghi eat his words.