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Q&A: House Of Sparky

We get thoughts on the game from the other side

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 USC at Arizona State Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Brady Vernon from House of Sparky answers our questions for tomorrows game.

1. There are questions around the health Jayden Daniels, he is expected to start, but if he isn’t able to who takes his place and how do they differ from Daniels?

As of right now Daniels will probably start. If he can’t it’d be fellow true freshman Joey Yellen who started against USC. The two are vastly different, Daniels can scramble and extend plays with his feet. He’s very conservative with the game. Yellen is a pure pocket passer who seems fine throwing it deep, but made a few mistakes with his decisions last week.

2. People had a lot of fun mocking the hiring of Herm Edwards at the time, but he has had some good success so far. How do ASU fans feel about the man in charge?

A month ago everyone was happy with it. A ranked team that was bringing in high powered recruits, things were good. Now after this three-game losing streak there’s been questions about Edwards staff especially on offense. After the barrage of penalties and no solution thus far for them, people have questioned the ability to hold players accountable. I think that’s overblown, it’s a young team it’ll happen. Edwards has a very good environment built and talent on the field and more on the way.

3. What players should OSU fans be aware of on both sides of the ball?

Wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has certainly emerged as a threat after N’Keal Harry’s departure. It might not seem like it because of the insane highlights Harry put together, but Aiyuk’s ceiling of talent isn’t far of from Harry’s. Aiyuk just needs the ball in his hands and a bit of space to turn a three-yard gain into a score. On defense I’ll go with DJ Davidson the nose tackle. No matter what ASU does I’m going to guess Hodgins does his thing and has a productive day. Davidson will have a big part in attempting to limit the run game of the Beavers.

4. If you could take anyone off the OSU roster and add it to Arizona State’s who would you take?

It’s the easy answer here in Hodgins. As good and talented as Brandon Aiyuk is, the Sun Devils have struggled to find a consistent receiver option rather than him. And I’m not saying one is better than the other, but if Aiyuk and Hodgins partnered together would be a lethal duo. But honestly as fun as that’d be, the better football answer is probably Rashed because he sacks the quarterback and ASU does not.


Until I see Arizona State put together a complete game again and actually win, I just can’t pick them.

Oregon State wins 31-23

Editors note: I believe this is the first time this season that the opponents blog picked Oregon State to win.