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WATCH: Jonathan Smith Talks To Press After Bye Week

The Beavs’ Head Coach talks about where is team is before they head to Arizona.

The 3-4 Oregon State Beavers are coming off a bye week and head to Tucson on Saturday to face the Arizona Wildcats. Head coach Jonathan Smith had a bit to say to the media after his team recovered from a hard fought win against Cal the week prior.

Watch the full video below.

Topics covered:

  • Bye week activities and traveling to Arizona
  • Best moments from the win at Cal
  • Arizona’s change at defensive coordinator and Smith’s experience with similar situations
  • Injury updates
  • Mixing it up with the defensive backs
  • Preparing to face Khalil Tate
  • Simon Sandberg’s performance at Cal
  • Blockers in the receiving corps
  • An update on Trevon Bradford
  • ...Bowl game?
  • Focusing on one game at a time