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WATCH: Jonathan Smith Talks Utah Loss And Needed Adjustments

After their home loss to the Utah Utes over the weekend, Oregon State Beavers head coach Jonathan Smith addressed members of the media regarding the state of his 2-4 team.

See the full video below:

Topics covered:

  • Utah winning one-on-one battles on Saturday
  • Making improvements in practice early in the week
  • Cal’s upcoming challenges
  • Being ready to deal with success/confidence
  • Hosting recruits on weekends with big losses
  • How Utah did what they did
  • Defensive effort and tackling form
  • Opening up the kicker spot for competition
  • Keeping the locker room and motivating them to move on to the next game
  • Jermar Jefferson’s likelihood of playing this week
  • Injury updates
  • Cal’s scheme and personnel on both sides of the ball
  • Hierarchy of the receiving corps
  • Playing teams coming off of a bye week
  • Positive notes