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Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with Block U

AJ Woods takes some time to answer our questions.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

To get a better look at our upcoming game with the Utes of Utah we chatted with AJ Woods of Block U.

1. The Utes were pretty hyped going into the season, including being a sleeper pick for the playoffs. The loss to USC kind of tanked those aspirations. What are the expectations now?

The expectations are still very much the same. I don’t know how realistic a playoff berth really was to begin with, but the teams main goals of a PAC-12 championship and a Rose Bowl berth are very much alive.

2. What offensive player should Beav fans know?

I’m sure most of the conference is already aware of Tyler Huntley, but he’s really the key to the offense right now. He has the highest quarterback rating in the conference, and is a top 10 quarterback nationally. It will be interesting to see if he and Luton can both keep their steak of no INTs in tact this weekend.

3. What about defensive player?

Leki Fotu’s stat line isn’t crazy, but he’s incredibly efficient and has kinda flown under the radar for a lot of people outside of the program.

4. Given that Utah is still fairly new to the Pac 12, who do Utes fan view as their biggest conference rival?

USC and the Arizona schools have always given us troubles, and on more than a few occasions, a loss to one of those programs have kept the Utes from reaching the championship game earlier.

5. What’s your prediction for this weeks game?

Oregon State is a lot better than their record indicates. With that said, Utah, Oregon and Washington are still the top teams in the conference, and I just don’t see how the Beavers are going to be able to compete at that level just yet. Utah’s offense is really clicking right now, and I’m sure the conference already knows what the defense is capable of. I’m predicting a 30-13 Utah win.

A big thanks AJ. If you want to read more on the Utah side of things be sure to check out Block U