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Sunday Poll: How Do You Decide What Pro Teams To Root For?

We’re mixing it up today to take the temperature of Beaver fans.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The NFL playoffs are rolling along, we had the MLS Draft this past weekend, and the NBA regular season is in the thick of it. Of course, we’re paying attention to college hoops, but we’ve got pro sports on the brain too.

There’s no shortage of pro sports teams in the United States especially. If you’re like us, college sports are your primary focus as a fan. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the teams with the folks paid to play. But how do you decide which team to dedicate your time to? The way that we see it, there are a few different ways to come to this conclusion.

Fist off, there’s geography...pretty straightforward. A lot of people root for the teams from their hometown or home state or just the team physically closest to them. Some folks may also have a strong connection to an area they don’t live in for some reason and just root for those teams.

Second, some folks will root for a team because that team now employs some alumni of their favorite college team. Corvallis is a long way from Los Angeles, but you’re bound to see some Rams jerseys with the names Hekker and Cooks walking around. People like to see their school represented at the next level.

People also root for teams based on circumstance. This is more for the really casual pro sports fans. You might really dislike a particular player, so you root for the team playing against them. Or, if you’re less petty, you just root for whoever the underdog is in a particular game or tournament.

Let’s face it, some people root for teams based on uniforms. This especially happens in cases where a person is maybe just getting into a league. Remember the poll is anonymous, so nobody is going to judge you for that here.

Which of these helped decide your pro fandom?...or was it something else?

Let us know what you think by voting in the poll (if you didn’t come to this link via Twitter on your phone because technology), letting us know in the comments, or tweeting at us. Go Beavs!


How Do You Decide What Pro Teams To Root For?

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  • 45%
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  • 40%
    Former college players that I like
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  • 6%
    Something else (put it in the comments)
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