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Oregon State vs Southern Utah Gamethread

Come and chop it up with your orange and black clad friends

Oregon State v Ohio State

Well, week 1 went kinda how most expected, lets see what week 2 brings us.

Oregon State should be able to get the victory in this one, but as we learned last year verse Portland State, you never really know what’s gonna happen. After a strong showing in the Big Sky last year Southern Utah is off to a tough start with and 0-1 record after a stunning loss to Southern Alabama last week. On the OSU side of things we will have to see which quarterback(s) play and how the injury riddled OSU secondary holds up at home.

What do you want to see from the Beavs today? Should the win this one easily? Will there be clarity at the QB position? Will Reser sell out of beer? Let’s get together and find out.

Go Beavs