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BTD’s Pac-12 Pick Em’ Week 2

We did okay in week 1. Can we do better in week 2?

San Diego State v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Score after week 1





John: 9-3

Joe: 8-4

Coach: 8-4

Leo: 8-4

Patrick: 8-4


Note:Last weeks article did not include the picks for the USC game, this was an error, everyone correctly picked USC.

Arizona v Houston

Can Khalil Tate get back on track, or is Kevin Sumlin gonna be sweating in the dry heat?

Marcus: Arizona


Kyle: Houston

Justin: Houston

Travis: Arizona

Coach: Houston

Leo : Houston

Ross: Arizona

Patrick: Houston

John: Houston

UCLA v Oklahoma

Chip Kelly is about to be 0-2

Marcus: Oklahoma

Joe: Oklahoma

Kyle: Oklahoma

Justin: Oklahoma

Travis: Oklahoma

Coach: Oklahoma

Leo : Oklahoma

Ross: Oklahoma

Patrick: Oklahoma

John: Oklahoma

Oregon v PSU

Doe anyone know if these cupcakes are gluten free?

Marcus: Oregon

Joe: Oregon

Kyle: Oregon

Justin: Oregon

Travis: Oregon

Coach: Oregon

Leo : Oregon

Ross: Oregon

Patrick: Oregon

John: Oregon

Colorado v Nebraska

I’m sorry Ralphie Report

Marcus: Nebraska


Kyle: Nebraska

Justin: Nebraska

Travis: Nebraska

Coach: Nebraska

Leo : Colorado

Ross: Nebraska

Patrick: Nebraska

John: Nebraska


UW gonna cleanse their palate from the opening week loss.

Marcus: UW

Joe: UW

Kyle: UW

Justin: UW


Coach: UW

Leo : UW

Ross: UW

Patrick: UW

John: UW

Utah v NIU

Utah is good per usual

Marcus: Utah

Joe: Utah

Kyle: Utah

Justin: Utah

Travis: Utah

Coach: Utah

Leo : Utah

Ross: Utah

Patrick: Utah

John: Utah


Jonathan Smith is gonna get his first W... No word on whether or not he will be wearing big boy pants

Marcus: OSU

Joe: OSU

Kyle: OSU

Justin: OSU

Travis: OSU

Coach: OSU

Leo :OSU

Ross: OSU

Patrick: OSU

John: OSU

USC v Stanford

Will Stanford get the victory in this rivalry? Magic 8 ball says “likely”

Marcus: Stanford

Joe: Stanford

Kyle: Stanford

Justin: Stanford

Travis: Stanford

Coach: USC

Leo : Stanford

Ross: Stanford

Patrick: Stanford

John: USC

Cal v BYU

Does Kalani have the BYU train back on track?

Marcus: BYU

Joe: Cal

Kyle: BYU

Justin: BYU

Travis: Cal

Coach: BYU

Leo : BYU

Ross: Cal

Patrick: BYU

John: BYU

Arizona State vs Michigan State

Sorry Herm

Marcus: MSU

Joe: MSU

Kyle: MSU

Justin: MSU


Coach: MSU

Leo : MSU

Ross: MSU

Patrick: MSU

John: MSU

WSU v San Jose State

Can Oregon State Bay Area football team get the win? It doesn’t look good

Marcus: WSU

Joe: WSU

Kyle: WSU

Justin: WSU

Travis: WSU

Coach: WSU

Leo : WSU

Ross: WSU

Patrick: WSU

John: WSU

Are you smarter than us? Most likely... But prove it by posting your picks in the comments below.