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Beavs try to win... Lose instead

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Hello darkness my old friend

Cam Hanson - @_cambino_


After being down 30-7 in the first half, mostly due to taking a pistol, aiming it directly at our own foot and pulling the trigger, many in Beaver nation thought this one was over. Well they were wrong, but honestly they probably are better off right now having not watched the second half and done something productive with their lives. For those of us who decided to hang on... well that sucked.

Bouyed by big big days by Isiah Hodgins and Timmy Hernandez the offense led by Conner Blount, then Jake Luton, then Conner Blount clawed it’s way back into the game. The defense decided to help out and slow down the Wolfpack offense, including a few huge stops and the national TV debut of the turnover chainsaw. The Beavs ended up down by 2 with slightly over two minutes on the clock. The drive was stalled quickly as Conner Blount struggled to find someone to throw the ball to. With 2 minutes to go and in their own territory the Beavs faced a 4th and 5. Much to the chagrin of the announcing duo, coach Smith threw caution to the wind and decided to go for it. Blount found Hodgins for a huge first down. Blount and Hodgins would connect one more time on a 4th and long to set up a chance to win the game with a ball through the uprights...

Can I just end this here? Cause I wanna just end this here...

Fine I will keep going.

Instead of taking some shots to the endzone, Coach Smith went the cautious route and set up a chance for a short field goal from the middle of the hashmarks with 3 seconds left...

The attempt did not make it through the uprights but instead went wide left for the second time today.

Beavs lose 37-35 and Beaver twitter used all the colorful language it could find.

While this game should have been a win, and most definitely isn’t any kind of moral victory, there were some bright spots. Jermar Jefferson had another good day in the backfield. The defense showed more life than they have any other game this season, including a pick by true freshman John McCartan. Isiah Hodgins showed us why he got 4 stars in high school. Both QB’s showed they are capable of driving this offense, but they also both showed they are capable of killing drives with bonehead throws. There seems to be even less clarity at the QB position(though the fact that Blount was in during crunch time speaks volumes in my mind).

Beavs host Khalil Tate and Arizona next week...

What say you Beaver Nation?