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Gamethread: Beavs and Wolfpack

Can the Beavs finally notch a road W?

Cam Hansen

Coming off a much needed victory of FCS Southern Utah, the Beavs dip down into the G5 ranks to face the Nevada Wolfpack

The Beavs are the underdogs in this one according to Vegas(and Reno too?), but most OSU fans are optimistic that the orange and black will get it’s first road victory since the Riley era. The Beavs will likely look to keep it on the ground with stud freshman Jermar Jefferson leading the way. The QB situation will be something to keep an eye on as it appears both Blount and Luton will get some snaps.

What do you want to see from the Beavs today? Will the road monkey finally get off their backs? Will Conner Blount seize the QB position? Can Jermar Jefferson rumble his way to another big performance? Let’s get together and find out.

Go Beavs