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BTD’s Pac 12 pick em: Week 3

Will Kevin Sumlin finally get a W in the desert?

NCAA Football: Arizona at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Score after week 2



Joe: 17-6


Leopoldo: 17-6


John: 16-7

Ross: 16-7


Coach: 15-8

Stanford vs UC-Davis

Bryce Love may be out but it won’t matter. The tree wins.



Kyle: Stanford

Justin: Stanford

Travis: Stanford

Coach: Stanford

Leo : Stanford

Ross: Stanford

Patrick: Stanford

John: Stanford

Colorado v UNH

Ralphie picks up an easy W before conference play

Marcus: Colorado

Joe: Colorado

Kyle: Colorado

Justin: Colorado

Travis: Colorado

Coach: Colorado

Leo : Colorado

Ross: Colorado


John: Colorado

Oregon v SJSU

This cupcake has some orange and black frosting... Poor coach Brennan

Marcus: Oregon

Joe: Oregon

Kyle: Oregon

Justin: Oregon

Travis: Oregon

Coach: Oregon

Leo : Oregon

Ross: Oregon

Patrick: Oregon

John: Oregon

Cal v Idaho State

Da Bears!

Marcus: Cal


Kyle: Cal

Justin: Cal

Travis: Cal

Coach: Cal

Leo : Cal

Ross: Cal

Patrick: Cal

John: Cal

OSU v Nevada

Shut up Marcus


Joe: OSU


Justin: OSU


Coach: OSU

Leo : OSU

Ross: OSU

Patrick: OSU

John: OSU


The ghost of Vernon Adams may not be strong enough... Sorry John

Marcus: WSU

Joe: WSU

Kyle: WSU

Justin: WSU

Travis: WSU

Coach: WSU

Leo : WSU

Ross: WSU

Patrick: WSU

John: EWU

SC vs Texas

Looks like tofu and dyed hair will be victorious in the heart of Texas

Marcus: SC

Joe: SC

Kyle: SC

Justin: Texas

Travis: SC

Coach: SC

Leo : SC

Ross: Texas

Patrick: Texas

John: SC

Washington v Utah

Utah is gonna have to go purchase some big boy pants after this loss.

Marcus: UW

Joe: UW

Kyle: UW

Justin: UW

Travis: UW

Coach: UW

Leo : UW

Ross: Utah

Patrick: UW

John: UW


Herm is making us all look like assholes

Marcus: ASU

Joe: ASU

Kyle: ASU

Justin: ASU

Travis: ASY

Coach: SDSU

Leo : ASU

Ross: ASU


John: ASU

UCLA v Fresno State

Looks like we think Marcus McMaryion has got another Pac-12 victory up his sleeve

Marcus: Fresno State

Joe: Fresno State

Kyle: Fresno State

Justin: UCLA

Travis: UCLA

Coach: UCLA

Leo : Fresno State

Ross: Fresno State

Patrick: UCLA

John: Fresno State

Arizona v SUU

Maybe Kevin Sumlin will finally get a W. Would be good for moral over at our sister blog/ arch nemesis Arizona Desert Swarm

Marcus: Arizona

Joe: Arizona

Kyle: Arizona

Justin: Arizona

Travis: Arizona

Coach: Arizona

Leo : Arizona

Ross: Arizona

Patrick: Arizona

John: Arizona

Are you smarter than us? Most likely... But prove it by posting your picks in the comments below.