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Back in the Sattel: Oregon State vs Nevada

Justin Sattelmaier gives his keys to victory for the Beavs to go above .500!

NCAA Football: Nevada at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Beavers look to build off a dominant offensive performance against Southern Utah as they roll into Reno, Nevada. The Beavers showed flashes of being a very dominant team with the talent that they have. They will need to be consistent in these flashes while they take on Nevada. As we learned last year against Colorado State, these Mountain West games can’t be overlooked. Here are the Beavers keys to take down the Wolfpack.

Key 1: Start Conor Blount

It’s simple. That’s it. He has proven he deserves the starting role in that offense. This was evident in the Southern Utah game as he had the offense rolling through the first half. This will also bring a steady leader for that offense so they are not constantly getting different looks while they change Quarterbacks.

Key 2: Give Jermar Jefferson the ball

Another simple one. They need to not complicate their offense. The stats don’t lie, 238 yards on 22 carries along with 4 touchdowns. Nevada will present more of a challenge on defense but if they get the ball in his hands, good things will happen.

Key 3: Defensive front 7

The D-Line and Linebackers need to play better. They were getting gashed by an inferior offensive line. Most big plays from Southern Utah were called back due to penalties and killed a lot of their drives. Nevada has shown the ability to air it out, and with no pressure on the QB, they will terrorize the Oregon State defense.

Nevada is a must win for this new coaching staff and should be a good final game to iron out the kinks before they go into Pac-12 play. If they get momentum, they should be able to roll into Arizona and walk away with a conference victory.