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Quick Links: Jermar Jefferson Is Turning Heads Nationally

A big football recruit didn’t pick OSU...It’s raining sideways...learn more about Nevada.

Cam Hanson - Building The Dam
  • After his monster day against Southern Utah, freshman running back Jermar Jefferson caught the attention of some of the national media. In addition to earning a star on College Football Final at the end of the day, SBN’s own Bud Elliott named Jefferson as one of 14 true freshman that could be useful for anyone in a college fantasy football league.

  • Jefferson also got a mention from the Associated Press. Jefferson was included at the top of a list of Pac-12 running backs making an impact early in the year.

  • In recruiting news, Oregon State made the list of final choices for four-star slot receiver Giles Jackson. Jackson, however, ultimately picked Michigan because life is cruel.

  • Curious as to how the CFB world is figuring things out with this whole Hurricane Florence thing? Here’s a few interesting reads on the subject.

Everything to know about how college football deals with bad weather

Tracking how Hurricane Florence affects college football’s Week 3

Why canceling games is often wise, even if the storm won’t hit the stadium

  • Looking to learn a little more about the Nevada Wolfpack? Check out the latest episode of the Mountain West Wire podcast.