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Quick Links: Oregon State Opens As 4.5-Point Underdogs To Nevada

How can the Beavs continue to improve?...Is Pat Casey completely done?...We have a kick time for the Arizona game.

NCAA Football: Utah at Oregon State Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

  • Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune did a deep dive into what’s working and what’s not for the Beavers up to this point in the year. It includes his thoughts on the quarterback battle and makes several very good points. Give it a read.

  • Following the win over Southern Utah, I think many Oregon State fans fell into that head space of “how can this team keep getting better?” Gary Horowitz at the Statesman Journal was no different. He pointed out five things to keep in mind as the Beavs move closer to the road game at Nevada.

  • On a baseball note, Pat Casey retired from his coaching position at Oregon State, but is he done with the profession all together? John Canzano doesn’t seem to think so. He had a very intriguing column on it over the weekend.

  • Finally, we have a kickoff time for the Arizona game. That will start at 1 PM on the Pac-12 Network on September 22nd.