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BTD Summer Mailbag Dam Answers

Baseball. Football. Sandwiches. All the things you need to know, straight from the BTD crew.

College World Series - Oregon State v Arkansas - Game Two Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

We asked for questions. You gave us questions. Now, as per the terms of our contracts with you, we will answer them. I hope that they bring you some small amount of joy in this sad sad time devoid of college sports.

What do you think the batting order will be for the beavers baseball team next year? via Trumonkey

Joe Londergan: Preston Jones, Andy Armstrong, Tyler Malone, Adley Rutschman, Zach Clayton, Joe Casey, Ryan Ober, Beau Philip, Zak Taylor...or something to that effect. I know Preston will lead off and Adley will bat cleanup.

Ross: Joe gets the main components with his lineup. Preston leadoff and Adley at 4 will be a staple for the lineup. I believe Zak Taylor will be in 5/6 spot to start the year. Casey will value his experience and will give him a chance at the start of the year in a higher slot. My guess would go like this: Preston Jones, Andy Armstrong, Tyler Malone, Adley Rutschman, Zak Taylor, Joe Casey, Michael Clayton, Ryan Ober, Beau Phillip.


  1. Preston Jones - CF
  2. Andy Armstrong - 2B
  3. Zak Taylor - 1B
  4. Adley Rutchsman - C
  5. Tyler Malone - SS
  6. Troy Claunch - DH
  7. Joe Casey - LF
  8. Zach Clayton - RF
  9. Kyler McMahan - 3B

What will the starting pitching order look like? via Trumonkey

Joe: I’d say Fehmel will be the Friday guy, at least to start the year, with Abel going Saturdays and Christan Chamberlain going Sundays. Midweek, I’d expect it to be a mix of Grant Gambrell, Sam Tweedt, and maybe some Jake Pfennings.

Ross: Fehmel and Abel are locks for 2 of the spots. I would also believe Fehmel will be our Friday starter with Abel being our Saturday starter. I believe Eisert or Chamberlain will get the first looks as the Sunday starter at the beginning of the season. Gambrell and the non-starter of Eisert/Chamberlain will be our midweek guys.


  1. Kevin Abel
  2. Bryce Fehmel
  3. Christian Chamberlain
  4. Grant Gambell

Where can I get a good sandwich? via Trumonkey

Ross: University Hero On 5th Street makes some awesome sandwiches. Oh and it’s right next to a growler shop. Just sayin’.

Is Jake Luton any good? via CraigM

Joe: Luton is good. That neck injury obviously kept him out most of the year, so we wouldn’t really know it from that tape. Plus, the offensive line wasn’t great. But anyways, based on what he’s done in the past, I’d say he’s good. Hopefully he hasn’t lost a step after recovering for the last eight or nine months.

Marcus: I really like Luton.

Ross: Talent-wise; Luton is still the best QB on the roster. Medically-speaking; I’m not certain anyone truly knows. I’ve seen reports that he is making progress towards playing. If Luton is good to go, he will be the guy without question.

Football is just around the corner and my questions are about the strength and conditioning coaches. The defensive line has been thin in bodies. In the spring they show up at 380 lbs the rest of line were not any better. They will play with limited rotation, are the coaches doing anything different to achieve improvements? Last year they couldn’t play a whole game look at the 4th quarter. Any news or rumors? via DKOSU48

Joe: Well this year it’s a completely different strength and conditioning coach. Evan Simon was the head strength coach at the beginning of last season, but he took a job at Davidson College in October of 2017. This year, Jonathan Smith brought the strength and conditioning coach from the UW staff that he was a part of last year. His name is Mike McDonald, a former Purdue player. Time will tell if his methods get the job done, I guess.

Ross: The good news is that Oregon State is doing a great job of recruiting on the D-line, including a verbal commitment that from 4-Star DE Omar Speights. The bad news is that most these commits won’t help us this season. The Beavers d-line is in a rebuild and reload mode as the new coaching staff will be implementing different schemes wth new players to try and get results. A good chunk of players that received meaningful playing time are now gone. So the status on this year’s D-line is still very much up in the air, and will most likely remain that way until we actually start playing games.

We know that the coming football season will be a challenge. That said, what is the minimum level of performance you would need to see to count the 2018 season as a success? — Curt

Joe: Honestly, if this team wins three games, that’s enough for me to know that they’re probably headed in the right direction.

Marcus: Three.

Ross: I agree with Joe and Marcus in that 3 would be a good benchmark. The coaching staff and the fan base should be over the moon if this team wins 4 or more games.

Leo: I agree with three. I don’t think SUU and Nevada are going to be gimmes considering our team is getting thrown to the wolves the first game of the year. If they can win both of those and one conference game, or split those two and win two conference games, I would consider it an improvement.