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Rumor: Pat Casey May Step Down From Oregon State Baseball Team

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Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune reported Saturday morning that the Oregon State head coach is contemplating calling it quits.

College World Series - Oregon State v Arkansas - Game Two Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Nothing is confirmed, but there’s a possibility that Pat Casey could be done as Oregon State’s head coach.

The Portland Tribune published a story from sports columnist Kerry Eggers on Saturday morning stating that “a source close to Casey — speaking on condition of anonymity — says he is talking about the possibility of retirement.”

In the story, Eggers cites conversations he had during the season with Casey that stated that he felt tired from everything involved in being OSU’s coach. There are other factors discussed in the story that could contribute to Casey’s reported feelings, including cumulative frustrations with OSU’s athletic administration over the last few years. Here’s a particularly interesting excerpt:

“Casey has felt a lack of support of the OSU athletic administration at times, including with the Luke Heimlich situation. He wasn’t happy that a fundraising effort for improvements to Goss Stadium before the 2018 season was successfully completed, but the renovations were tabled when it was determined more money would be needed.”

“Casey feels one of his sons, Brett, got shorted during his time as a player with the OSU program (2007-09), and worries that the same is happening with his youngest boy, Joe, who will be a redshirt sophomore next season. He wonders if it might be best for Joe not to play for his father.”

Read the full story here.

For one, Eggers is a good journalist and I don’t think he’d be writing about something like this if he didn’t have a credible source/information. But again, nothing’s confirmed and we probably won’t hear from Casey and his camp for a few more weeks either way. He and the Beavs did just win a national championship, so it stands to reason the guy needs a vacation.

Still, something to keep an eye on.

If this is the end, what a ride it’s been. 900 wins. Three rings. Plenty of great memories for Oregon State fans all over the country.


Kendall Rogers of tweeted Saturday afternoon that his sources say Pat Casey retiring is “not imminent”. So based on that information, sounds like there’s still some left in the tank.