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Summer Mailbag: Send Us Your Dam Questions

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You ask, we’ll answer. Pretty neat, eh?

With the conclusion of the baseball team’s national championship run, it’s officially summer: that weird little section between baseball and football season. To try and fill the hole in our lives created by the absence of college sports, we’re opening it up to questions from you, our lovely readers.

Want to get our take on the upcoming football season? Curious about the new look basketball team? Coming to OSU for school in the fall and need to know where to get a quality sandwich? It’s all fair game.

Just send us a question via the comment section below, you can also tweet at us @BuildingTheDam, you are always welcome in our DM’s, you can hit us up on our Facebook page or send a nicely worded email to and we’ll answer them in our Dam Q&A!

Get em in as soon as possible and we’ll get our answers up later this week. Have a great day, and go Beavs.

College World Series - Oregon State v Arkansas - Game Two
This was fun. Anyone have questions about it?
Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images