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Thank You, BTD Nation!

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Looking back at this roller coaster of a year.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series Championship-Arkansas vs Oregon State Luke Franke-USA TODAY Sports

What. A. Year.

There were plenty of highs and lows to this 2017-2018 athletic year for the Oregon State Beavers. Maybe you were there with us the whole time, hanging onto every turn, or perhaps, you took a break at certain points among some of the turmoil. Whichever it is, we want to thank you, the readers, on checking in with Building the Dam throughout the year. Let’s recap:

It started out hot when Oregon State scored the first touchdown of the college football season.

After that, it was nothing but a tailspin for the football team.

Coach Gary Andersen abruptly left mid season, opening the door for interim Head Coach Cory Hall. In his first few games as the head guy, Hall lit a fire under this team, making them competitive for entire games. Eventually the year ended with a shellacking from our rivals to the South. But that paved the way for Jonathan Smith to return home.

While football is still figuring how to get back to the postseason, the Oregon State Volleyball team made the postseason for the first time since 2014.

Men’s basketball was looking forward to bounce back strong from last year’s disastrous five win season. While they more than tripled their wins from a year ago, they failed to make the NCAA tournament.

Women’s basketball picked up the slack in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. All-American Marie Gülich led a team to a third place finish in league play and powered all the way to the Elite Eight. On they way they pulled off a historic win over Tennessee and snapped Baylor’s 30 game winning streak.

Wrestler Ronnie Bresser finished third at the NCAAs and also showed Beaver Nation why he’s one of the most fun wrestlers to watch.

Though they just missed out on making nationals, the Oregon State Gymnastic team put together a solid year, reaching number eight in the rankings at one point. Oh yeah, this was a rebuilding year, too.

Beaver Softball made a return trip to the post-season despite just finishing a couple games above .500. Thanks to a gritty schedule that was ranked the most difficult, and their competitiveness, the team was able to earn an at large bid. They eventually went 2-2 in the postseason (an improvement from last year), and provided us with this gem.

Then there was baseball. They did okay.

It’s good to go out on top.

Thanks again, BTD Nation.