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Brandon Browner Charged With Attempted Murder

The former Beaver is also charged with three other felonies.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Former Oregon State player Brandon Browner has been charged with attempted murder, and an assortment of other felonies. According to police, Browner broke into the residence of an ex-girlfriend who had a restraining order against him, attempted to smother her, and stole a Rolex Watch valued at $20,000.

After the break in, Browner was found and arrested by police, and then charged with four felonies; attempted murder, robbery, burglary, and false imprisonment. Browner was also charged with two counts of child endangerment, a misdemeanor. Browner’s bail was set at $10 million.

Browner played cornerback for two years at Oregon State before embarking on a professional career. After a few years in the Canadian Football League, he joined the Seattle Seahawks, becoming part of the vaunted “Legion of Boom.” He won one Super Bowl Championship with the Seahawks, and then another the following year with the New England Patriots.

After leaving the league, Browner has had frequent run ins with the law. Earlier this year he was convicted of domestic battery and child endangerment, and late last year was charged with possession of cocaine.

This story will be updated if there is further news.