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2018 NBA Summer League: Drew Eubanks Starts, Drops 6 Points In Spurs Loss To Trail Blazers

San Antonio didn’t pick up the victory, but Eubanks won the head-to-head battle with Langston Morris-Walker.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - VCU v Oregon State Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Oregon State alumni Langston Morris-Walker’s slow 2018 NBA Summer League continued on Tuesday night, as the 24-year old guard failed to see the court again for the Portland Trail Blazers.

And while Portland would be the team at the end of the night picking up the 95-89 victory, it was San Antonio forward Drew Eubanks who held the focus of Beaver Nation, as he tallied 6 points (3-5 FG) and 3 rebounds in 18 minutes of court time.

Eubanks, who has been featured in some shorter but intriguing roles for the Spurs, has become one of the more intriguing pieces on the team’s Summer League roster that will likely find himself in the G-League for either San Antonio or another team in a few months.

As for Morris-Walker, his lack of playing time hasn’t helped his case in securing a similar position in a domestic league here in the United States.