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Quick Links: Is Mike Riley Leaving Oregon State Again?

That, plus more on what’s happening in stormy Omaha.

Oregon State v Arizona State Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images
  • As crazy as it sounds, Mike Riley, who was just brought back to Oregon State as part of Jonathan Smith’s staff, could have another job lined up. Sirius XM NFL’s Alex Marvez tweeted late Tuesday night that Riley is reportedly lined up to be the head coach of the Alliance of American Football’s new franchise in San Antonio. The Oregonian dove a little deeper into the situation. Interestingly, Dennis Erickson is also a head coach in that league currently.

At this point, nothing’s confirmed, but if this ends up happening, we’ll have...thoughts.

  • Next on the agenda, remember how annoying that rain delay in the baseball game against Washington was the other day? That’s been happening pretty consistently this College World Series and it has thrown the entire broadcast schedule out of whack. Oregon State and North Carolina are still set for 4 PM PT, but yesterday’s Arkansas/Texas Tech game got bumped to 9 AM PT on ESPN. For the full updated schedule from the NCAA, click here.

  • Still buzzing from the big win against Washington? You can go check out all of our content from that game linked at the bottom of this post. The always fantastic Kendall Rogers of also did a feature on the Beavs coming alive against the Huskies here.

  • Finally, in other baseball news, Jack Anderson was named the PAC-12 baseball scholar athlete of the year on Tuesday. Congrats to Jack, who the BTD can vouch for as a class act, in all his future endeavors!


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