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An Oregon State Fan Went To The ACC Tournament Just To Troll Greg Street

The umpire had an...interesting...strike zone in Oregon State’s loss to LSU in last year’s College World Series.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-LSU vs Oregon State Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Fair Warning: Parts of this article contain adult language.

Oregon State baseball fans will remember umpire Greg Street as one of the home plate umpires from the 2017 College World Series. Specifically, Street umpired OSU’s loss to LSU that eliminated the Beavs from the postseason. In that game, Street’s strike zone was one of the more questionable that fans saw in that tournament.

Street apparently has a bit of a reputation for not being great behind the plate, and his habits followed him to Omaha that year.

That loss is going to stick in Beaver fans’ minds for a while. But for one Oregon State fan living in Norfolk, Virginia, the officiating in that game particularly stuck in his mind for the last year.

The fan, who has the Twitter handle @RichRodDoesPCP, noticed that Street was scheduled to umpire games at the ACC Tournament in Durham, North Carolina. Twitter indicated that Street was up to his old antics in those games.

The tourney was apparently close enough to his home that he felt the urge to drive the three-plus hours to the tournament with one goal in mind: let Street know that a lot of OSU fans are still angry about that game back in 2017.

The guy was so committed to the idea that he literally canceled his Memorial Day weekend plans to make the journey.

When he arrived in Durham on Friday, the fan went to the evening game at Durham Bulls Athletic Park but was unpleasantly surprised to find Street wasn’t umpiring that night.

He got tickets for two Saturday games, however, and, after a brief scare, was rewarded for his efforts.

After moving seats, he had his first opportunity to chat with the umpire.

It would seem that whatever the fan said particularly bothered Street, as he changed his field position after the fact.

Satisfied with his efforts on Saturday, the fan set his sites a little bit higher for Sunday’s nationally televised championship game.

Unfortunately for him, that plan was thwarted at the last second.

So, he stuck to what worked on Saturday.

You have to admire the dedication and perseverance to the art of trolling. Hopefully, Oregon State and this fan are able to make it back to Omaha this year when the NCAA Tournament begins later this week.

With any luck, Street’s ticket to Omaha will get lost in the mail.