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Oregon State Baseball: Beavers Jump To #2 In National Rankings

OSU assumes Stanford’s old spot after winning the series over the weekend.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-LSU vs Oregon State
Bryce Fehmel’s great start this past Saturday is a big reason why the Beavs have made the jump.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

After defeating Stanford in two out of the three games over the weekend, Oregon State rose from their #3 spot in the national rankings to Stanford’s old spot of #2 on Monday morning. released their newest rankings early Monday, with Florida at #1, the Beavs at #2, and Stanford at #3.

UCLA is also in the top 25 at #18.

Collegiate Baseball also released their rankings on Monday. Oregon State also found themselves at #2 in those rankings. Oregon State had been #4 in those rankings.

Luke Heimlich also earned a national player of the week honor from Collegiate Baseball this week after throwing 14 strikeouts on Friday night.

The other sets of national rankings have yet to be released for this week. s

While Oregon State not sweeping Stanford means that the Pac-12 championship will be harder to clinch, winning enough to jump in the rankings means that clinching home field advantage in the postseason now becomes much easier.

Oregon State next hosts San Diego on Monday and Tuesday night.