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Numbers to Know: Oregon State (16-16) vs. USC (22-10)

The season might be over for the Beavers after a rough second-round game against the Trojans.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Southern California Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We'll see if Oregon State has more games to play this season, but if they do the games won't be in the NCAA Tournament. The Beavers came out flat against the conference's 2-seed and paid the price, losing 61-48 to see their Pac-12 Tournament run end after two games.

The loss puts the Beavers at 16-16 on the year, a vast improvement over last season's 5-27 record but a disappointment to those who see the talent on this roster and understand how close the team was to a much better record.

Here are some numbers from the game, and some from the season:

48 - It starts and ends with points scored. Oregon State finished the game with just 48 points—a season low—including a 19-point first half. The Beavers hadn't scored fewer than 50 points all year, and only scored fewer than 60 three times before face-planting in the second-round of the conference tournament.

30.5% - How do you only get to 48 points? You shoot 30.5% from the field as a team. The Beavers made just 18 of their 59 shot attempts, and while Steven Thompson Jr. made five of his 11 attempts, the other four Beavers starters made just 12 of their combined 41 attempts.

7 - Oregon State losses by five points or less. The Beavers had two losses by five points, one loss by four points, three losses by two points, and one loss by one point. If just four of those seven games goes the other way, we're talking about the Beavers being 20-12 with a win in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament: a record that would at least have them on the bubble of the NCAA Tournament.

1,127 & 1,037 - Career points for Drew Eubanks and Tres Tinkle, respectively. Right now, Eubanks sits at 28th on the Beavers career points scored list, while Tinkle is tied for 32nd. Only six Beavers have ever scored more than 1,500 points, a mark that Eubanks could crack should he come back for his senior season and a mark that Tinkle—just a sophomore this season—will certainly touch before his time is up.

Oregon State (16-16, 7-11) next waits to find out if they are chosen to play in a smaller postseason tournament or if their season is over.